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Pravana Moods Color – An in-depth Q&A

January 9, 2018

Last year Pravana released  the world’s first heat-activated temporary hair color called VIVIDS Mood Color. This groundbreaking new development in the industry transforms hair with a color-changing effect. What?!? Yes it’s true, with a little bit of heat added from a hairdryer, heat styler or even your warm breath, the magic happens. As your hair cools it will transition back to it’s original colour! Cool huh?

The VIVIDS Mood Color is available in four color-changing combos.

These include:

Cool Violet to Warm Pink;
Lime Green to Sunny Yellow;
Smokey Gray to Invisible;
Tropical Peach to Invisible.

Intensify your vibrant creative colour service by applying VIVIDS MOOD COLOR or for a fun, transitional experience apply over natural hair colours. The MOOD COLORS simply wash out with shampoo and a new exciting color combo can be applied without affecting the hair color underneath.

Pravana has introduced this exciting add-on service for those clients who want something a liitle different , a little extra whether it be for a party, festival or concert. We have even heard of many clients getting the MOOD COLOR range applied to clip in extensions that they can re-use quite a few times!

This add-on service is ideal for clients wanting to add something extra to their look, whether it be for festivals, concerts, special events and more. For clients looking for a longer-lasting color-changing effect, apply to any type of clip-in hair extension for repeated use.


Check out some reactions to MOODS COLOR at the Lollapalooza festival:

Here are some FAQ’s we have gathered from online that people are asking about the MOODS COLOR RANGE:


It can be applied on natural or pre-lightened hair. However, the colors show up best on lighter levels.

It can be added onto any service for an additional $10 – $15 (suggested price). Pricing also depends on salon and location. When applied to clip-in hair extensions, stylists can charge between $20-$25 (suggested price).

Avoid excessive combing and touching of the pieces to which VIVIDS Mood Color is applied. Clip-in extensions have longer use because they don’t need to be immediately washed.

Depending on the mixing ratio and the amount of hair VIVIDS Mood Color is applied to, you can get between 25-30 applications per kit.

No, it will continue to transition until it is thoroughly shampooed out of the hair.

No, however more porous hair may need an extra shampoo to completely remove the color.

No, apply as an overlay directly to damp hair then blow dry to set it!

Yes, however the client may feel more residue than when applied to damp hair. The moisture on the hair helps to disperse the product so the hair doesn’t feel as heavy as it would if you were to apply on dry hair.

Yes for example: Lime Green and Tropical Peach mix to create a slate bluish-gray tone. Because Tropical Peach transitions to transparent, the color you will see is Sunny Yellow from the dual transitional color. Lime Green and Cool Violet make a bluish color when cool. Lime Green and Cool Violet make a bluish color when cool and when warmed up, the transitional color is a combination of Warm Pink and Sunny Yellow – Peach!

Yes. This will enhance or alter the VIVIDS Mood Color and enhance the transition color. Example: Cool Violet layered over NEON Pink makes a brighter violet tone when cool and a brighter Warm Pink when transitioned. Tropical Peach layered over Blissful Blue will make a lavender/mauve tone when cool. When Tropical Peach transitions to transparent, the Blissful Blue appears.

No, VIVIDS Mood Color transitions with various heat sources and back again when cooled down. Sun, body heat from touch or breath and hot tools like flat irons and curling irons can be used to transition the color. Just be sure to keep hot tools at 200 degrees Celsius or less.

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