5 blindingly bright colors, known as ChromaSilk NEONS, contain a special dye pigment that actually allows them to glow under black-light!  PRAVANA’S AWARD-WINNING CHROMASILK VIVIDS COLLECTION IS THE CREATIVE-COLOR CATEGORY LEADER. ChromaSilk VIVIDS are professionals’ and celebrity colorists’ choice for vibrant, creative colors. Winning the Stylist Choice Award for Favorite Creative Color for the 4th year in a row, it is clear that ChromaSilk VIVIDS is best, creative color with the longest-lasting, bright hair colors.

HOW TO USE: Combine one part VIVIDS MOOD COLOR pigment with three parts Base Creme. Apply evenly to towel-dried hair, then dry and style – just remember to keep hot tools at or below 400 degrees Fahrenheit. To remove, simply wash out with shampoo. Pre-lightening the hair is not required; however, VIVIDS MOOD COLOR appears best on lighter levels of hair

Silk Amino Acids: Act as a color carrier to help drive color deep into hair’s cortex.

Keratin Amino Acids: Strengthen hair’s fiber and help color adhere to the hair shaft

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